Benefits of Augmented Reality: Creating An Interactive Experience

The phenomenon of augmented reality had so long turned out to be a revolution in the technological processes and creations; Changing the perspective of looking at and performing the activities in everyday life. The transformation brought in by this is undeniable and showcases the bright virtual future really well.

benefits of Augmented Reality

With extreme innovation and the considerable benefits of augmented reality, the development industry is now all set to create new limits of possibilities. Bringing virtual objects to “reality” via optical devices, tablet screens, and smartphones, augmented reality is going to welcome an entirely new era of development.

With the help of GPS data on a device and the geo-locations, AR collects information about the immediate surroundings of a person. This helps it to present things in an even more personal manner. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways paved towards highly creative applications for businesses. Of course, the revolution is here! Well, there are still many queries and questions which may still prevail in minds. And we would try to clear them all for you. We will be talking about the concept, and also the applicability and consequences of augmented reality in real-life and business world.

What is Augmented Reality?

what is Augmented Reality
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Though there may be a few people unaware of this term, there are still many who need to learn about the concept. Augmented Reality is the technology that makes interaction possible between reality and the virtual data which may exist in the form of text, images, objects etc. Reality is created through the screens of connected devices via 2D or 3D representation. The devices may include a connected glass, smartphone, tablets etc. An appropriate example of the working of augmented reality is PokemonGo. There are sumptuous images, however, what makes them different is the way they are presented, appearing to be absolutely real.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): How Are They Different? 

benefits of augmented reality
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With high definition 3D audio and video, both augmented and virtual reality work to extend an amazing experience. However, there are considerably many differences between both of them. Knowing them is important so that you may be able you realize the consequences of both of which are often expected to be different also. VR tends to put in the user into an isolated reality being completely immersive. On the other hand, AR is known to be partly immersive. Augmented reality allows the users to look through and around the artificial objects in the expanded layer.

In AR, sensors and markers are known to be used by the computer algorithm in order to spot the position of physical objects then. Also, then one for stimulated ones is ascertained with the same. Then the picture that is to appear on the camera is rendered. VR also make use of the same markers and algorithms of math, however, under an entirely stimulated environment. The graphics here react according to the movement of the eyes of the user.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

There are many associated factors and advantages of using augmented reality that are expected to bring in a change in the business industry and development, making it better than ever before. Apart from business and user experience, there are many more benefits that stand in the queue. Here are some of them listed below:

1. Get Creative

The extreme capabilities of augmented reality let you make your way ahead in the game. You can now stay more focused on making your applications different from others and introduce some explicitly different features into them. Whether you are service-based business, or you are looking in to start up your tutorial for your services or are looking in to push up an e-commerce company. With this ‘miracle’ you may now create new limits and guidelines for your business and the way you wish to present it before the world. Augmented reality business ideas are expected to take your startups to a better level of success.

2. Applications based on strategies

When you are already up with a strong strategy, available media and technology will let you unleash the improving levels of creativity for your business or product. You may easily design applications that can perfectly present your idea before the customers and dive into a great era of marketing that would be laid down with the amazing features of AR.

3. Firsthand Product Look

AR incorporates into perfect marketing strategies, by providing a firsthand look at the product and the insights of whether those picks really suit for them or not. Thus again this aids impressive experience for users. This may prove to be a great feature for applications of some e-commerce companies.

4. Virtual Preview of the Product

Businesses using augmented reality
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Users would be able to get a closer view of the product from different perspectives. This will help them have an idea of whether they are stepping into the correct shoe or not. Businesses using augmented reality are likely to get better returns and feedbacks since customers would be able to have clearer insights of what they’d be actually dealing with.

5. No Dent on Consumer Market

There had been several examples of the augmented reality being appropriately used; hence, consumers now seem to be pleased with this new entry in their lives. Developers can, therefore, use all their creativity to make space for the wonderful features through AR and integrating them into the lives of consumers. Market growth would surely follow.

6. Hyper-Relevant Experiences

benefits of augmented reality
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Developers are bound to rethink the existing apps and UX/UI static development, to and rebuild new possibilities to be pace-up with the wonderful revolution that had been introduced by Augmented reality. AR had been an impressive and entirely new introduction in the era of mobile phones. Hence, unique and relevant experiences for both users and hosts remain to be one of the major benefits of augmented reality.

7. Experiential Marketing

Businesses and developers may try for experiential marketing using the features of augmented reality. Customers these days are known to be hurled around experiences and hence this would surely work well. You can plan something really pertinent using the prevailing and upcoming new technologies.


8. Push Boundaries

As said before, when you sum up all the above advantages of AR, businesses would be able to set out new boundaries for themselves. With the amazing new features, there would be new possibilities to catch up. Brands can set out perfect marks for themselves and the products they deliver which would certainly ensure better service and subsequently better consumer feedback.


# Unique and Noticeable

# Get Easily Viral

# Maintains Retention Due to Interactivity

# Creates Better Content

# More Scope Of Personalization

Summing Up

Augmented reality, in the end, continues to carry in its infancy along with its absolute features. There are many key drivers which showcase fast development for it in the coming years. There are probable insights of an entirely different era of business trends and application development with the use of augmented reality. Allowing developers and business heads to create and launch some highly functional elements the benefits of augmented reality can help companies to highlight their brand among consumers and seep into their lives as a part of it. It is indeed something beneficial from all various perspectives.