Office 365 Project Management: Core Tools and Capabilities

When it comes to pre-premises and desktop-based project management, Microsoft has had a long history of probably the most appropriate tools for the users. With the advent of updates and features available with Office 365, this had been an amazing experience surely.


Using a project management application is not just a need but also there is a bouquet of benefits that come along with Office 365 project management. When you are looking in for streamlined business processes, this becomes a major consideration.

It can be one of the best ways of improving team performance and saving time that you may spend in planning various strategies. You would just be required to look for that one perfect software and done!

Core Tools For Office 365 Project Management

Microsoft Office 365 had been one of the most used web-based business applications with over 100 million active users during a month. The daily activities of many organizations are known to rely on this software.

There are many collaboration tools that can be used for cross-department collaboration in companies and also support communication with external parties involved in the same. Teams can, therefore, perform better on projects when they have the best Office 365 project management template.

Here are some of the relevant tools that are known to guide the project management processes well:


Office 365project plan
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Utilizing the features of office 365 planner, teams can manage public and private plans and also task buckets. With instant reporting via board and chart views, you may prioritize plans and seek better completion of tasks for the same.

Teams can also collaborate on various document projects with the SharePoint Library, schedule project related events, in the team Calendar, comment on project tasks with Outlook.

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Any considerable Office 365 planner review would let you through the amazing advantages and strengths that you would experience with its use. Here are those listed:

  • It allows a nice visualization. Users can take up a clear snapshot and watch over whether the project is ascending as per the planned or not.
  • Well, structured plans and tasks help in easier management.
  • The planner provides with larger collaboration environments allowing integration with Microsoft teams.


Here are some of the weak phases that may come up with the Microsoft planner:

  • Many experienced project managers have had discreet views about Planner.
  • This tool though manages smaller projects well, it is at times insufficient supervising and managing larger teams and projects.

SharePoint Project Task List

Office 365 project management
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The use of SharePoint Project Task List enables better management of Office 365project plan.  With the help of this tool, you can create a list of various tasks and sub-tasks related to the project and also view the distribution on the project timeline.

There is a lot to do other than the basic capabilities. You may also utilize to assign and manage tasks and attain diverse task views. With the Project task list, teams can manage various documents within a dedicated SharePoint Library, benefit from Outlook calendar and conversations and also use a project notebook.


Here are some considerable advantages of using SharePoint Project task list:

  • A clearer representation of tasks and projects.
  • When coupled with the SharePoint features or Project Online, task lists are known to avail with even better possibilities like document management.


  • It is however impossible to add multiple timelines in a task list; therefore, teams would need to put in some extra efforts for management of several timelines at the same time.
  • To allow reporting, customization is a must have for larger projects.

Project Online

Project online office 365
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This is another useful tool for Office 365 project management that would prove to be a great support for you. Project Online allows with a professional application for project management with three different plans including Professional, Essentials, and Premium.

Various plans are known to target different users and project resource managers to handle projects with varied complexities. Project online office 365 is hence one of the best tools among the entire office suite.


  • This is a full-fledged tool for project management.
  • It is perfect for meeting the needs of both seasoned project managers and ordinary employees.


  • Being a professional tool it would require the employees to attain perfect skills to handle it.
  • New members of the team may find it difficult to handle.
  • End users would be strictly posed with the needs of training before they actually work with this.

Outlook Tasks

Project management with Outlook
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Apart from excellent project management tools, Office 365 also holds the benefits users with personalized task management. Employees and teams who preferably want to manage activities within their email app would be the best served with First come Outlook services.

Project management with Outlook enables considerably rich presentation of tasks via various attributes and views that consider completeness, status, priority, category etc. Tasks on the calendar grid can be followed by the users and could also be shared with other team members.


Here are the probable advantages of using outlook for project management:

  • When coupled with Outlook Groups, tasks tend to become even efficient.
  • Groups allow the users to collaborate on various tasks via the same app.
  • This tool is a perfect support for moderate project management.


  • There is a lot left to be desired with the UI and UX of the tool.
  • Users may need to put in extra efforts in order to arrange all tasks clear and proper and this is likely to require a proper training.
  • In case of a large number of entries, there are chances that the tasks may look messy and confusing specifically when these are meetings and events.


Office 365 Project Management
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To-Do is a tool for personal task management allowing users to manage both business-related and private tasks. Users may create task lists, set notifications, and due dates, make UI changes and regroup tasks.

The To-Do can be integrated with the Outlook tasks being a part of the Office 365 suite. This allows the users synchronize their inbox task management areas and to-dos.


  • This is a good-looking and easy-to-use tool for personal task management.
  • Users can prioritize their activities by using it as a private task management area.


  • This tool is yet incomplete and lags far behind Wunderlust.
  • Subtasks and reports cannot be created or shared with other users.
  • Also, the mobile app is known to be much weaker than the web app.

Additional Options For Office 365 Project Management

Office 365 Project Management
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With limited tools, project management might get difficult for employees seeking dynamic insights. Some additional tools are always important to give the right shape to the result. Here are some you may consider with Office 365:

SharePoint Project Site: This can be one of your next best assistants for advanced project management. Apart from viewing and tracking their tasks, teams can also collaborate on various post news announcements, documents, ask questions and share their opinions.

All these needs would be well considered by a fully-functional project site in SharePoint Project Online. The few things that you would have on your desktop include Newsfeed, team calendars, task and issues tracking, and a well-structured document library with various project related documents.

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Microsoft Teams: This is known to be a handy tool for collaboration on its own. Also, this is the central communication hub of the Office 365 suite. You may add the planner tab and make the Microsoft Teams even more effective and efficient for project management.

With the collaborative power of Microsoft Teams, the planner capabilities would double to provide you with a perfect interface to work with.

Yammer: On any SharePoint project are known to serve as additional forum-like areas. It can be perfectly integrated with Project Online allowing better collaboration capabilities for your projects.

Moreover, being a complete tool in itself Office 365 would help you really well with both private and business related tasks. You may, however, consider the best utilization of the above-mentioned tools during Office 365 Project Management.