Self-Hosted Blogs Vs Free Hosted Blogs: What’s More Lucrative?

Before you really peep into the blogging world, there are some major decisions to make. One of them is choosing between free hosted and self-hosted blogs.

self-hosted blogs

Are you planning to give a better platform to your writings? Have you ever given a thought to how can self-hosted blogs can benefit you? Well, here’s all about it.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else” – Albert Einstein

Whether it’s about starting a personal blog or something to support your business, you need to consider a lot of factors that can actually let your plans succeed. It is though fine in case of a personal blog, it may not be preferable to depend on free blog hosting for business undertakings.

It may not be appropriate if we consider only the drawbacks of free hosted blogs, and hence we are going to focus on all probable phases of the self-hosted and free blogs.

What Exactly are Self-Hosted Blogs?

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A self-hosted blog is known to be the one which resides on one’s own server. Being self-hosted, there is no requirement to pay a third party for any purposes of hosting. In simple words, self-hosted blogging implies that you will install blogging software on your web server.

You would, however, be required to pay for server space via companies like Dreamhost or Hostgator. You will certainly have more control over the blogs and blog site when they are self-hosted.

Moreover, the responsibility for its maintenance remains your duty. is one of the most popular and preferred blogging platforms.

“The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.” – Ron Dawson

The term and concept of self-hosted bring with itself slightly more work to be done and more tasks to be managed and also added costs. Those additional costs would not matter when you get better returns and feedbacks.

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How is self-hosting different from free hosting?

Self-Hosted Blogs
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There are many major points that differentiate both self-hosting and free hosting. The fundamental difference is though laid clearly with their names; there are many more points that need to be highlighted for a deeper and better understanding. Have a look at the points mentioned below:


Free Hosting

All data files and blogs are known to be stored on an external server of your choice.

All data files and blogs, in this case, are stored over the servers of a blogging platform.,,, and are some of the most popular self-hosted blogging platforms., Tumblr, Medium, are some of the best known free hosted blogging platforms.

The URL of a self-hosted blog uses the pure domain name. For

The URL of an entirely free blog hot would look like:

In this case, the blogging platform is free. You are however required to pay for the domain and web host service.

If you are willing to have the URL free of the blogging platform name, you’d be needed to buy an upgrade package for the same.

To complete the setup process, you will be required to find and buy a domain name via a domain registration service, select a web hosting service (self-hosting server)and rent server space, sign up on a blogging platform, install it on your web hosting account and start up with writing.

For the completion of the setup process, you need to sign up on a blogging platform, pick an appropriate category, select layout, choose themes and set a domain name, fill in other contact details and start writing.

Pros and Cons of Self-Hosted Blogs & Free Hosted Blogs

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There are varied faces to every element that exists. Well, the pros and cons could be much different than the actual differences between both.

Hence, here are the advantages and setbacks that you may have to deal with when you are planning to set up your own blogger sites. Take a glance at these.

Self Hosted

Free Hosted

Set Up

Set-ups, in this case, are known to be relatively complicated since various tasks are to be managed and maintained by you.

Everything you need is available at one place and hence it is far easier to set-up.

Theme Support

All commercial and free themes are easily accessible for your blogs. You can also choose to install custom themes for your blogs.

Only the themes that are available for free can be used by you. If you are willing to use other commercial themes, you would be required to shell out money.

Costs Involved

Despite the involvement of a regular expense, you are going to hold complete control over your blogs. A yearly registration fee for the domain name and monthly rent for server space for the blogger sites needs to be paid. The blogging platform, however, remains free of cost.

You can surely take up a start with zero investments. However, you will need to pay for everything extra you need later. Whether it’s an independent domain name, more storage space, or premium themes.


You can enhance experiences for the readers and yourself by using various plugins in the blogs to improve its performance.

Though you would be available with some built-in plugins, you cannot add any other free, paid or custom plugins with the same.


When you have complete control over the blogs, you will be able to take up all possible steps to optimize their performance.

It is hard to get your blogs optimized with organic traffic and available on the Google search engine since you have limited control over coding and no access to SEO plugin.

Network Traffic

Since your blog is independent, you won’t be getting any traffic leverage from the blogging platform.

Your blogs are promoted within the community being a part of the blogging platform. You may attract some traffic from there.


You can keep up 100% with your earnings and are free to run as many ads on your website and choose any ad service of your choice.

Only the in-built features provided by the blogging platform can be used in your blogs. Also, this may be possible only after some probable page views regularly. Your earnings would also be shared with the blogging platform.


Controlling spam, taking back-ups, keeping the blog up to date is all entirely your responsibility.

You may need to bother about nothing, the blogging platform does it all for you.


“You can work quite hard, in particular online, and do quite well independently, but if you really want to grow you need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people.” – Yaro Starak

Which One to Choose?

Certainly, from the above elaboration of the differences and various pros and cons of self-hosted and free-hosted blogs, you may have realized the appropriate of both in different cases and situations.

With high functionality and better maintenance, self-hosted blogging prevails to be the most suited for business undertakings or profit-motive tasks. But when you are looking in to pursue blogging just as a hobby, free hosted platforms may be the best picks.

Self-hosted blogs on a wider view let you explore a better work environment and also bring up successful execution of various ideas. It is always the best when factors surrounding your business you are feasible enough to bear the investments.