What Are WordPress Statistics 2018 Likely To Be?

Lately met with some pretty great changes and challenges too, the revolutionary WordPress development had been the guide towards Content Management System (CMS). Over 15 years of its journey in web development, WordPress holds on to many great phases in coming years. With a promising release of Gutenburg, the platform has been up with


WordPress had been able to keep up its place in the industry coping-up with various challenges posed before. However, what are actually the future insights and possibilities with this platform? We are going to get some relevant answers for this here. WordPress statistics 2018 and upcoming updates make-up some interesting elements for developers in the run. Let’s have a look at these.

WordPress had been the most staggeringly dominant platform for content management on the web. It holds on to more than 27 percent of the modern web. WP stands tall with 60% of the CMS market share which is more than the combined total of its considerable competitors, Drupal and Joomla. There are pages which attain 175 million views per month being built with WP. WooCommerce which is WP’s bring up for e-commerce facilities are known to power 40 percent of the online stores.

A Platform Too Big

Wordpress Statistics 2018

WordPress is a vast platform not just for its reach but the high-level usability and benefits it possesses for the users. One of the best WordPress facts is that it would suit your needs irrespective of what they are. WP powers excellently built pages of several large enterprises and numerous bloggers and high traffic e-commerce websites. The use of this software had always been appreciated as being insightful and easy to use. Especially when you are seeking in to add new content, this is an absolute choice.

There is no hard-core line that requires users to know HTML basics. Just elementary computer skills would do perfectly and that is how content publishing now a piece of cake with WP. However, apart from content creators and managers, WordPress had been a great tool for developers seeking creation for the best websites with easily maintained domain and hosting WordPress allows management of a website directly and smoothly from the dashboard. You may select a WordPress Theme whether paid or free; customize it accordingly and start creating unique content!


Updates and WordPress Statistics 2018

Updates and new introductions remain to be the best elements of any platform. And when it’s about a revolutionary platform like WordPress, these updates would surely be some amazing steps towards change. Here are some evolutionary changes that are supposed to be brought up in 2018. Many of them have been already accomplished. Have a look:

#1 WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg
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The entire team at WordPress had been working with all their strengths and capabilities for bringing up a revolutionary content editor/creator. The release of WordPress Gutenberg in April 2018 had been a replacement for other classic editors in the market. Just like the editor of WIX, Medium, and MainChimp, Guternberg is known to be a block editing system. This is now one of the integral components of WordPress.

This is regarded to be the modernization of content writing and publishing. You just need to drag and drop the elements on to the canvas and you may create blocks at the same place where you create content. This will also ease the process of adding, images, videos and other media files on the page. Generally, Gutenberg would let you have the perfect experiences similar to any other editors like Medium but in a more advanced form.

#2 Classic WordPress Editor

When Gutenberg is holding on to the deck, there are chances that the old WordPress Classic Editor would need to find its way out from the queue. But there are still users who want to work with the Classic Editor.

Well, that is not a problem as the Classic Editor being converted into a plugin, can be used anytime they want to. If you are not satisfied with the removal of WordPress Classic Editor, you may install and activate the separate plugin. You may therefore easily cope up with the changes brought in with the arrival of Gutenberg.

#3 WP CLI-in Action

This is one of the inevitable changes that are going to be brought in for many individuals and companies. WP CLI, the command-line interface for WP, is regarded to be extended in a way things are to be created with it. As per most of the developers, this is going to be one of the most lucrative tweaks in the WP working. This would consider the following:

  • Set new sites with WordPress
  • Control WP with CORN
  • Test code quickly
  • Manage Plugins

There are many more tasks that would be completed with the CLI or shell script.

#4 WordPress REST API

Several custom applications would be added to WordPress dashboard. You will, therefore, be available with the admin panel on REST API. The best part is that you may now be able to use WP as a Framework for managing content for a web application.

The WordPress REST API is just a set of codes that would let you send and retrieve data from the applications you possess with WP. This change has possibly brought up many great possibilities for the future. Just like websites, you will now be able to create mobile apps on WordPress which means now iOS and Android apps would run on WP websites.

#5 More Apps Powered By JavaScript

For a considerable time, JavaScript had been available in bundle with WordPress. The use of various JS libraries supports various fundamental operations like editing and creating widgets and menus, use of customizer, updating and installing plugins all in a way much easier than before. Therefore, this year JavaScript is going to be more prevalent in WP applications. Vue 2.0 is known to b the most promising in this relation. It makes things work smoothly with easier syntax.

This is more like a template and hence would help in creating web apps really faster. Vue.js is being used by numerous modern plugins and themes which help them power up to an entirely new level. Supporting faster loading of pages, this has allowed a new opportunity for WordPress in case of improved user experiences. Therefore, there are likely to be numerous plugins and themes with Vue.js and other JavaScript libraries. This is surely going to bring up a new era for WordPress users.

#6 SaaS in WordPress

The automatic renewal by WooCommerce, suggests a further ongoing trend for even more SaaS plugins to enter the scene. Saas or Software as a Service has been emerging as a highly buzzing world in the industry these days.

This is known to be based on server computing through PC access. This method had been greatly considered among WordPress developers and users. Considerably many plugins are expected to emerge as SaaS solutions in 2018.

#7 Changes in Theming

There are tons of WordPress themes from basic layout themes to the ones which can be customized. The surge of themes is however well known which drags and drops the users and developers at different prices. Moreover, they had been great being able to support work without any considerable know-how about coding.

Thus the changes in page and block builders would seemingly bring up a change in the themes and theming industry. Builders like Elemenator had been known to change the way of creating WordPress pages. Anyone who is not even aware of a single line of coding may be able to do everything perfectly.

When having Gutenberg already in the scene, the further processes are going to be absolutely easy. At the same time, the Tide project sets the quality limits for the codes that are going to be used with WP themes and plugins. This is important for though the non-developer users would not consider much about code quality, this is going to be a major issue for developers in the industry.


#8 WordPress Extended Use

During the year 2018, WordPress would emerge among users in a more open form and there would be many companies starting up with its use. People around the world are going to realize the relevance of WP as an easy and reasonable solution to all needs. ERP is the biggest example of the kind available on WordPress. There are possibilities that WordPress is expected to take up about 1/3 rd of the entire websites in the world.

The exponential growth of this platform in 2017 reflected a growth in possession from 27.3% to 29.3%. If WP is actually successful in maintaining this trend till 2018, the expected share is likely to be 31.5%. The current consistent growth is, however, showcasing the stability and reliability of the platform. WordPress is getting more accessible with time.

#9 Controversies with WordPress version 5

WordPress version 5

With the launch of the WordPress version 5, controversies are expected to heat up the arena in 2018. Backward compatibility had always been the major focus of WP. Its code is known to be autonomously outdated and holds on to large technical debts. WP, however, remains unchanged with its decision despite the objection of numerous developers over a considerable number of times.

Moreover, the platform has started over to push forward with new technologies. There had been several changes to its codebases with the appreciable addition of the Gutenberg Project. Even further in 2018 more of such changes are expected.

#10 WooCommerce serving Enterprises

In 2018, WooCommerce is likely to be more ready for enterprises. Better scaling will make the adoption of a solution easy for the users. As per this, more enterprises would be looking forward to the use of WooCommerce for conducting and boosting their WooCommrece activities. Scalable solutions help in the management of better eCommerce operations.

Themes and plugins for eCommerce had shown a prolific growth for a considerable time. Being an open source platform it offers users with increased security, data control and affordability of launch/maintenance. All signs show the excellent performance of this WP element in the long run.

#11 Importance of Security and GDPR

WordPress Statistics 2018
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Cyber Security is always an integral element in the IT industry. Since WordPress is also a part of it, it is, therefore, an important consideration. Users often assume that their websites would never be targeted as they are not significant enough. However, that may not be the case. Vulnerable ones are often the first target.

Though there is a good enough security framework with WordPress, hackers are also making themselves ready for the game. 2018 will, therefore, focus towards focus on better security for the users. Also, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) would now regulate how much data of users can the WordPress sites can hold with them. WordPress legacy and security measures are therefore moving towards a change.

#12 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes
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The rapid use of smartphones is known to everyone. Therefore, mobile supported plugins and themes for WP are therefore a must. There are already many themes that are well supported on mobiles however, there are still many that are not.

2018 would surely bring some more mobile-centric designs which can skillfully rule over tablets and smartphones. With this browsing would become far easier. Websites with outdated themes are also supposed to be penalized by Google. And there are no more excuses that would keep away mobile friendly themes.

#13 Video Headers

Videos had undeniably been one of the most important parts of content these days. Videos are known to possess all the capabilities of creating a difference in marketing & advertising and also in terms of design. With version 4.7 Vaughan WordPress provides the best ways to handle videos. In 2018, video headers are likely to get more popular.

There may be many more video streaming features and the live video streaming would not be a surprise arrival along with increasing reach of these videos on social media platforms. Video headers would, therefore, remain more highlighted.

#14 Virtual Reality Plugins

Virtual Reality is now already a trend. 2018 is expected to bring up numerous plugins with the best VR experiences. Had you known the fact that WordPress already supports VR content? The 360-degree videos and images are a strengthened proof of this. There are also several plugins which let you have such experience with WordPress. Some of them are:

  • WP-VR View
  • MomentoPress
  • 360° Panoramic Image Viewer

These changes are going to prove revolutionary for WordPress from all perspectives.

What Does Future Behold For WordPress?

Brands and companies from all over the world continue to invest in WordPress. All the changes that WP is seeking in to bring are signs of improvement for the already perfect WordPress CMS. The platform is surely going to grow even greater in the year and the coming years.

Content creation and consumption as per the probable upcoming updates and records of history remains to be perfect with WP from all angles. The updates, however, will let the users attain a wholesome new WordPress experience.

Moreover, WordPress Statistics 2018 are likely to take the graph of growth higher towards success. You may surely seek to invest in web development with WordPress and look forward to a well-maintained website for years to come.