9 Lucrative Advantages Of Android For Business App Development

With over 80 percent share in the mobile app market, Android had been grabbing space among all lives as quick as smartphones have done. Undeniably, with such user responsive background, Android app development is going to have a long list of advantages for the developers seeking profit from the evolutionary platform.

advantages of android

The greatly popular mobile platform had been thriving with Android OS dominating the markets; holding on to about 85 percent market share. While Google is coming up with newer versions, better security and entrepreneur-friendly features, developers have also started moving up with customized Android apps. Developers are posed with the need of knowing the advantages of Android and the way it would boost good for them.

Android app development had been grabbing pace. This is visible perfectly with over 3.3 million applications on Google PlayStore which increases daily. The phenomenal services by Android had been in use by millions of people across the world. It had been the choice for most of the developers because of its high compatibility, and ease of operation. This has been the reason that android app development had been skyrocketed in the past five years.

The core digital strategy for any enterprise is mobility. However, despite the existence of other eligible app development platforms like Windows and iOS, Android and Android OS had been grasping the greatest share of preferences. Well, when you are to create a new application for your business you may be striving for the most valid reasons for why choose Android development?

Indeed the global market for Android which is considerably high is a major matter. You need to stick with the market trends as this would surely let you have a better share of users stuck with your apps. Therefore considering the probable results, that would boost revenues and help in incredible business growth; business heads and developers choose to move on with the best development of their apps via Android.


Major Advantages Of Android App Development

Though choices should be very clear with the current trends and market conditions, there may be several doubts which still prevail. However, some major pros of Android would help you consider them too. Have a look.

#1 Open Source

advantages of Android

The Android Platform provides developers with open source SDK (Software Development Kit). This means that the developers need not bear the costs of royalty or licensing. Developers may interact with the Android Development Community for the forthcoming projects of app development they wish to incorporate with Android.

Therefore, for entrepreneurs and enterprises, Android is turning out to be a lucrative prospect. Also, the rapidly growing application development includes wireless operator and device manufacturers also in the list of benefited parties. The development cycle can be seen in three major steps:

  • App designing and development
  • App testing
  • App deployment

Android app developers have the Material design, ready to implement making things ‘not much pricey’. With all these considerations a well integrated, android app which is more engaging and attracts an audience is much better than the Apple counterpart.

#2 Easy Customization

With easier customization options and higher flexibility, Android provides developers with a versatile platform. This makes increases for you the accessibility of an interesting and innovative application with diverse functionalities. From simple to complex, all modifications can be integrated with a robust Android OS.

This is one among the benefits of android apps for business. Android can surely help to address business issues very well than any other platforms. Various data management functions and tools can be integrated with Android as per the changing trends and requirements.

#3 Suitable For BYOD

Mobility concepts and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are known to be held as the mainstreams among different business sectors. These approaches have far allowed overcoming all barriers in the way of enhanced collaboration and communication irrespective of distance and time. You can easily implement the BYOD approach because of the large market share held by Android. In case of enterprise apps, the ones developed with Android are likely to get higher penetration from employees. This is because Android is known to be affordable for nearly all economic groups existing around.

#4 Smooth Marketing and Enhanced Security

Since Lollipop, there had been many business-friendly features introduced by Android. Currently, this platform has firm preparations for data security as compared to the Apple counterpart. Malware can hardly locate data structures now. Also, there’s an automated system notifies the users and keeps them updated periodically. With an excellent prevalence of the platform, your Android apps are ready for promotions. Thus Android OS is perfect for both promotional and security requirements.

#5 Google for Everything

pros of android

Though many of the Google services are easily available with iOS, deep integration is far missing with it. And this is one of the greatest pros of android. Therefore, your app users will also be able to experience all the features and benefits of Google. This makes a tailored Android business application even more preferable among users worldwide. Also, any apps that are developed by Google will work perfectly with yours.

#6 Wearable Device Advantage

Wearable technology has been one of the newest norms in the corporate sector. Wearable devices had been a great tool for communication for so long. As per recent statistical researches, more than 54 percent of enterprises have implemented the BYOD approach into their businesses. Wearable technology can be easily integrated into prevailing business systems with a well-managed enterprise-grade Android app.

#7 Reduced Time To Market

In order to establish an effective and competitive edge over your rivals, it is very important to come up with a business app soon. Better and quicker development and integration of an Android app with desired features would be made possible by the Android app development tools. This helps in Reduced TTM making up one of the major advantages of Android. This is also great when changes are to be made in existing apps as per their compatibility with current trends and requirements.

#8 Scope For Innovation

Android app development for business

Global reach is the major strength of the Android platform. You may surely choose to add up some innovative features in your Android apps in order to target selected audience. Technological advancements and cutting-edge tools let developers do that without trouble. You can easily avail modern integrations like AR and VR at viable rates and also high-end app solutions letting you handle things in a better way. New business opportunities and innovation, therefore, prevail as the appreciable elements with Android.


#9 Budding Platform

There is no wrong if even after such great performance in the global market Android is called an evolving platform. There had been numerous device developers and all of them had been introducing some new features periodically. With the above-mentioned features and tools, Android developers’ community is able to pace up with them in the least time. Android has moreover, introduced many mobile payments, HD displays, and NFC. The development of an android app allows you to remain compatible with changes and perform as an evolving platform too.

Summing up, when Android app development for business is considered, above mentioned are tremendous advantages that you may be able to experience. This is just perfect for implementing a cost-effective mobile strategy in the shortest period.

These sophisticated advantages of Android would let you make up the best decisions in regards to app development for your business undertakings. Android indeed proves itself to be the best for business app development.