10 Most Staggering Basic SEO Tips For Beginner Websites

Striving to get better SEO results for your website? These basic SEO tips would help you the best.

Basic SEO

For every business that carries a website, it is important to get through at least the basic SEO processes in order to keep up with the appropriate traffic requirements. Well, there may be still many newcomers to the field, searching for the actual process and its significance for their websites. And this content is undoubtedly the most basic overview of SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing discipline particularly focused on growing the organic or non-paid visibility of search engine results. It involves both creative and technical elements that can drive in traffic, increase search engine awareness and improve rankings.

SEO considers a lot of elements. Sometimes it just requires structuring your website well and other times it may be about the words in your page and the way other sites link with yours and many more. Well, SEO is not all about making your websites search engine friendly but also about making it appropriate for people.

Why is SEO needed for your Website?

Most of the web traffic is known to be driven by major commercial search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. Though visits for your sites can be generated via social media, search engines prevail as the major sources of navigation irrespective of what exactly your website deals with.

Search engines are known to be unique as they let in targeted traffic for your websites. Therefore, it is important that your websites are traceable by search engines. If this is not happening, you might miss out many golden opportunities.

In order to make your website compatible with the algorithms of search engines, it is important to get through search engine marketing and optimization processes.

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Some Basic SEO Tips

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Even when you are least aware of the SEO tactics or techniques, there are several elements that you can consider at the lower level. The below-mentioned tips would help you manage things in a better way:

#1 Analyze Your Position

To know whether your efforts in SEO are actually working or not, it is important that you know your initial position. Therefore, before you actually begin, you need to monitor your search standings. There are many search engine optimization tools that let you keep an eye on the SEO rankings of your page.

Also, you should check your referrer log on a regular basis for tracking where the visitors come from and the general search terms they use they use to find your site.

#2 Keywords

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You need to be conscious enough to place the most appropriate keywords throughout various aspects of your website. These aspects include content, titles, URLs and image descriptions.

Keywords should be set very smartly as per the most commonly used search terms that the people may use to search the information you provide. Moreover, the page header and title tags are the most important places where keywords should be placed.

NOTEYou are however not supposed to place ridiculous amounts of keywords on your website. When you do so, your website would be labeled as a spammer. There are search engine spiders that had been programmed to ignore websites that are guilty of “keyword stuffing”. You need to be strategic while using keywords.

#3 Backlinking

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This is one of the most significant basic strategies for SEO. Integrating internal links would be the best way to boost traffic in case of individual pages. While creating new contents, you should make it a standard to link back your with achieves every time.

Backlinks for SEO turn out to be the most relevant ways of getting organic traffic for your websites. Also, it is good when you consider search engine friendly anchor text that is easily traceable. Just like any other SEO approaches, you need to be sure that you do not cross the line with excessive linking.

#4 Search Friendly URLs

You should consider making your website’s URLs search engine friendly by placing appropriate keywords within them. For example, a link that had been set as: ‘www.puppyfun.co.uk/11789/s201.htm’ is much difficult to understand.

In place of it, if ‘www.puppyfun.co.uk/puppyhealth/vitamins’ is used, it would much better. It would even be good if it is composed of several recognizable words about your content like: ‘www.puppyfun.co.uk/search/?s=”health”‘.

#5 Create Sitemap

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Creating a sitemap, listing, and linking to other major pages on the web makes it easier for the spider to trace your website. You need to make it all happen in a way that least clicks can open a page on your website.

#6 Image Descriptions

Spiders are designed with the capabilities of tracking texts and no images. Therefore, in order to highlight your images, you need to make sure that the image description is well composed with the most appropriate words.

A keyword-rich description and the use of Alt Tags is the most preferable. It is always suggestible to add captions and description as text in the immediate physical proximities of the images is really valuable for SEO market position.

#7 Content

As per various SEO service experts, the content on your website needs to be fresh and updated as per what the users would like to access. This should be done irrespective of whatever discipline the website belongs to.

An executive blog would be one of the finest ways of reaching out to most appropriate clients and creating even better opportunities with internal and external linking. Also, a unique content gives a personal voice to your website.

#8 Social Media Distribution

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Appropriate social media distribution is another important element for proper SEO. You will need to distribute fresh content links across various and the most appropriate social media platforms.

This strategy probably multiplies the places from where visitors may get the link to reach your website. It may be through the company’s account, recommended, re-distributed or re-tweeted.

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#9 Avoid Flash

Though it might look pretty at times, flash does nothing in case of your SEO rankings. Also, a common problem that prevails with Flash, Frames, and AJAX is that you’d be unable to link to even a single page.

It is, therefore, better if you do not consider the use of these in order to make it amazing as you’d end up with actually nothing. Moreover, you can surely consider keeping up one main page as Splash that is all flash with a big picture featured.

#10 Link to Others

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Developing relationships with other websites is probably one of the best ways to direct more traffic towards yours. You can get your websites linked with various webmasters and also do the same as this is the trend that actually works.

You may also look for partners with a good reputation as no more extra efforts are then needed. However, you need to avoid getting linked to a link farm. Bad SEO habits for those may bring you down otherwise.

With these basic SEO tips, you would surely be able to handle search results and traffic for your websites well to an extent.