A Simpler And Easier Way To Switch To Windows 10

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If your organization has not yet adopted Windows 10, then you have to come up with the program. Using virtualization and Microsoft’s Azure public computing platform, you use the fastest, easiest, and the best way of getting to Windows 10.

Why Switch?

Windows 10 update
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Windows 10 provides significant advantages over the earlier operating system. It consists of a more user-friendly interface and is designed for mobility, which has a universal system that works on all devices.

It works in today’s environment, where 40% of Internet users start an activity on one device and end it on the other. The new system also provides better security, continuous updates, and voice commands.

However, many organizations have delayed making changes. Migrating to a new operating system is often an expensive and challenging process that can take up to 18 months to complete.

But you have to do it once. If you are still using Windows 7, then let us tell you that support for your system will end after Jan. 14, 2020.

And if you’re using Windows 8, a surprise awaits—Windows 10 has received a much better response from the business community.

Another aspect:

you need to give your employees the latest and advantageous updates to remain competitive. Microsoft has said that Office 2019 will run only on Windows 10

A Remedy for Migration Headaches

Windows 10
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If the cost and problem of migration is forcing you to step back, then there’s a simple solution: Citrix workspace on Azure.

This is a subscription service that makes Windows 10 migration a much easier thing to accomplish. It saves a lot of time and money for you with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that works on all devices in your organization.

Using the Platform’s Citrix Virtual Desktops Service, your IT department can instantly supply and securely deliver thousands of Windows 10 Enterprise Desktops on Azure, which supplies new operating systems to users worldwide in a single stroke.

The Citrix Workspace also gives your employees access to all their enterprise applications through the Citrix Virtual Apps service.

Users will immediately see the difference.

It doesn’t matter what type of device they use – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux – they will have any time, anywhere secure access to a high-definition Windows 10 Enterprise Digital workspace on Azure, with all the required tools they need for their jobs right in front of them.

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Lower Costs, More Flexibility, Greater Security

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Earlier, you’ve switched to the cloud with Citrix Workspace on Azure and now you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenses to manage servers and networks.

Now, no longer your IT workers have to waste endless tiresome hours imaging every device for upgrades and patches, which seem to get more frequent every year.  

They can govern all the devices from a single comfort zone, while you save up to 50% on IT costs.

Now you will not have to give information about future calculation and storage needs, to ensure that you must always inspect your budget to be adequate.

Instead, you only have to pay for what you need. Scaling up or down to extend, contract, or meet the changing demands which are fast and easy. Therefore, new applications are tested before releasing them.

In Azure, all your information is stored, so you don’t have to take care if one of the thousands of devices used by your organization uses gets lost or stolen.

On Azure, Windows 10 and Citrix Workspace are built for the cloud-based future, where change is fixed, but managed easily.

If you’re up to that mark yet, Citrix can help you make the transition with the least amount of effort and at minimum cost.

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