13 Mistakes That Can Ruin Mobile App Performance

Are you witnessing your mobile apps trembling down the success graphs? Tried finding the reasons behind them ever? Here are a few mistakes that you may do while app development.

mobile app performance

Since the last few years, there have been many updates available in the ways designers, developers and also the users access the applications. However, the mobile app performance in many of the cases tends to fail badly.

Whether or not you’re a beginner in the app development sector, there is some predetermined phenomenon that you need to consider in order to keep things well on track.

Although developers often miss to take these guidelines into considerations and then end up with unusual and unexpected results for ten same.

Applications had been immersed into normal lifestyles as requisite parts since about 10 or more years. There is plenty of competition and also equally varied user requirements that need to be dealt with. It is something that undeniable when you want your applications to be excellent on the mobile app performance metrics.

You’re not alone…

With every day that passes by, the global app market is expected to reach newer targets. Your app is not the only one that would be flinging along the apps stores. Until 2017, there had been over 2 million apps that can be browsed on the Apple Store. Also, 2.2 million apps on the Google Play store as per the global app market reports.

“In the year 2015, the global app revenues were totaled to 69.7 billion U.S. dollars. Also till 2020 mobile apps are expected to generate revenues over or around 188.9 billion U.S. dollars via in-app and store advertising.”

This number had surely witnessed a rapid increase subsequently increasing the challenges for any new application that may take up its deck. Therefore, you can never ignore the fact that you need to stand out extraordinary with your efforts and app features.

Mistakes That Affect Mobile App Performance

There are many various sets of guidelines that would pave the way you to excellent app development. However, at times developer might commit mistakes that are too minute yet become the reasons for greater losses. Here are the mistakes that you should try avoiding:

1. An App that does Everything

mobile app performance
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The inclination among brands to bring up multifunctional applications continues to haunt. Companies are wanting that their applications or web apps should be able to complete multiple tasks over a single platform.

Mobile apps are considered to be perfect for taking actions like making purchases or managing accounts since these tasks may take even longer with a website or mobile browser. However, with hundreds of plans for accomplishing thousands of goals may end up things into a mess.

It would be much better if you provide countable functionalities over your app with perfect performance. After all user experience is going to consider how well you app functions. Moreover, it is all about identifying the key use cases and not leaving a mark on the application.

2. Usability for the Users

It is really critical to understand whether your application actually serves a purpose for your customers and prospects. You need to analyze whether it is actually serving a purpose or it’s just another way to keep the audience engaged.

You may prefer conducting surveys or fetch details via other possible ways and know how the targeted users would be interested in getting engaged with the probable use of applications.

This would clarify what actually needs to be done and make the process simpler. You should, later on, focus on designing an app in a way that the users are bound to and prefer using it over and over again the application usage being worth it.

4. Application Testing

mobile app performance
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On daily basis, over 1,000 app releases are known to take place. Subsequently, there is greater competition in the app market with every day that passes by increasing the number of apps that the user will want to download.

Many times, companies make up the unprofitable decision of not testing their apps before actually releasing it among end users. This can, however, lead to consequences that may not be appreciable.

It is vital to maintain the quality of company’s app and why not? It’s going to represent your brand after all. Ensuring that the app is acceptable through beta testing is always the best ways to set out a path for its successful future.

4. Focus On Downloads more than Retention

Generally, whenever a brand designs a new application, download remains to be its major focus. Retention is however not something that requires your attention.

But then, tons of downloads made for a single use would not define the success of an application. It is actually multiple uses that would determine the progress.

Being the administrator or developer you need to figure out where actually the drop off occurs between download and usage. After this, comes the right time to focus on the relevance and retention. With this, you may be able to meet well with the app metrics that matter.

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5. Lack of Planning

There are many important decisions that need to be taken before you actually enter the crux of the matter. This would basically involve knowing the objective of making an action, identifying the target audience, and the current app habits of the users.

You need to be sure that things are properly planned before they are actually executed. Often companies are too keen to develop apps but fail to reach the customer potential levels.

6. App Development on Multiple Platforms

mobile app performance
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As developers, you would always want that your app reaches the maximum users and you may be therefore planning to develop your app on every available platform.

However, there are undeniable processes, updates, and changes that need to be made after the users have actually started up with application usage.  These changes would be dependent on user behavior and feedback.

When you have your app developed on multiple platforms, you are likely to increase ten pressure of actual work done making app management even complex. Rather, working on a single platform would let you represent perfection and also save resources.

7. Expecting Immediate Returns

mobile app performance metrics
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It is easy and also good to bear positive bias with the development of a new venture. However, also hold in mind that only 1% of all apps actually make money. Well, you may therefore not be in a hurry or get demoralized in case of generating revenues from your apps.

8. Ignoring Negative Feedbacks

Feedbacks for your apps are of great importance and you should not dismiss them even if they’re negative. Despite being one star-rated, long paragraph they are the most valuable.

These are the users who actually care about the performance of your application. Writing long paragraphs is none of their business otherwise. You cannot really please every single person. And all reviews provide valuable insights with respect to your apps.

Reviews are proofs that your apps are reaching the users also they may reflect the point of view of the thousands of user who do not write anything. This is a considerable way of analyzing mobile app performance.

9. Finding Easier Ways

Developing a new app is going to be a long process and would take time. You cannot just copy the ideas and software formats of others. You need to bring up something of your own to deal well with the competition.

While developing an app the developers should be sure that they are creating something that can bring unique ideas and appropriate solutions to the problems and meet consumer requirements.

10. Analyzing Hidden Costs

When usage rates and retention of app users are considered, companies are known to be quite optimistic. However, it is really important to have a clear estimate of the costs that are expected to occur further with content development and advertising for initial downloads.

Also, the ongoing maintenance cost should be taken into consideration in order to avail an active user interface with probable updates.

11. A Marketing Plan

mobile app performance
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Before you really work upon an excellent idea for your application are you ready with an equally perfect marketing strategy?

You should give some time into planning the actual ways through which you are going to market your application, making it reachable to maximum users. Companies are often found with a long pause at this point.

However, if you don’t wish to endanger your efforts, you cannot proceed without having a proper marketing plan.

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12. Pros and Cons of the Platforms

The pros and cons associated with the platform where you’re developing your app are one of the most considerable important points on the mobile app performance testing checklist.

Well, this is something that you should determine before development. Analyze the pros and cons associated with both Android and iOS platforms as per the objective of your app and targeted users.

Many companies fail to research about it properly and then end up with undesirable outcomes.

13. Lacking Value Proposition

Setting a unique value proposition for your app is an important task. The idea and object of the app should be long and hard thought, determining the appropriation of moving further in the direction.

Whatever you offer should make up perfectly with the actual consumer demands. If not then it may result in the negative reinforcement of brand perception and not the positive natural one that you may have expected.

Considering and avoiding mistakes as per the above-mentioned points would surely help you to improve your mobile app performance and reach out to the best-expected results.