The Most Cutting-Edged Mobile UI Trends 2018

Advancements of digital gadgets had been one of the most considerable activities of this era. Especially with the current updates and trends in the mobile phone industry worldwide application development had been paced up greatly in order to provide with complimenting applications for the changes that had taken place.

UI Trends 2018

There had been high levels of competition; this is probably the time when a feature or gadget is considered to be obsolete or archaic within five years. There are new technologies and updated gadgets coming up in the market every day. Hence, UI trends 2018 become an important topic for discussion for the ones dealing with mobile apps and other web developments.

These design trends not only provide with an advanced but also a creative insight about the applications and features that would be used in near future. Well, cutting-edge, creative elements had been some of the greatest factors attracting users.

Latest UI Design Trends 2018

When you had been trying to maintain pace with the current technologies and the most demanded features, you need to have a glance over the preferences and picks throughout the industry.

Here are some of the most considerable UI trends 2018, that you should take into consideration:

#1 Augmented Reality (AR)

mobile app design trends 2018
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AR had long been a concept read in books or watched only on bigger screens. However, it had been a part of real life being a part of applications that had been brought up by UI mobile app designers.

This technological concept had now found its way out to many other platforms apart from Pokemon Go. Well, yes, now the utilization of AR is also not confined to the world and experiences of gaming but has reached a land much farther with many other interesting and important areas.

Businesses had been able to change their ways of interaction with their customers making sales different from what they had been earlier. AR interfaces are expected to dominate mobile app features for further many more years.

#2 Borderless Displays

mobile app design trends 2018
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The launch of iPhone X had brought up one of the most groundbreaking mobile device innovations of the year. It was with this, that the revolutionary and stunning concept of borderless display became one of the considerable mobile app design trends 2018.

Just a few months after this lunch, it became a trend for many more phones one of the greatest examples of which is the Samsung Galaxy S9. Full-screen displays being one of the most popular UI features, these footsteps are going to be followed for some more years that follow.


#3 Voice-Activated Interface

mobile UI designs
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Though voice recognition technology had been around for years, however, voice-activated interfaces had been the part of mobile UI designs since just a past few years and had been one of the most interesting parts of a mobile experience.

Well, apart from the popular Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, there are many more apps for virtual assistance whose names had not been not yet heard by users.

One of the perfect examples is Extreme that can help well in everything from sending emails to making calls. It can be either handled through speech or keyboard.

There are many other examples like Alice or AIVC (Artificial Intelligence Voice Control) which is voice-activated Android software sending texts, making calls and performing many more important functions.

Voice-ordering services are therefore going to hit mobile devices not only in UI trends 2018 but also during future years.

#4 Personalization

UI trends 2018
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There may be many questions about how personalization is making a change for the landscapes of modern designs. Customizable apps can geo-locate the user’s current location and make services searchable within the same environment.

Starbucks had been one of the best examples enabling these services on its applications. Also, there are many others in the queue with the same including firearts which also senses the way a user interacts with the UI designs.

Customization, in that case, becomes a considerably important element in modern UI designs.  Therefore, with more interactive features, mobile experiences are going to turn out to be more responsive and personalized for the further years which arrive.

#5 Vibrant Colors

mobile app UI design templates
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Vibrant colors had also been one of the most trending mobile app UI design templates. Now, no users would like to operate a mobile world that is colorless with flat interfaces.

Attractive color bursts had been therefore a major trend of the current times. Even when you talk from psychological perspectives, colors have the greatest power to attract and ignite attachment and amazement.

Also, colors enhance the functionality of the device. Hence, designing colorful screens using the aesthetic properties is going to be the part of trends for the current and of course for the years coming further.

#6 Emotional Intelligence

The introduction of this element is likely to make mobile experiences even more interesting creating a difference. The integration of this feature into handheld devices will make you think over the long journey that the human race has covered over time.

Apart from the enjoyment it delivers, Emotional Intelligence or EI had been a necessity these days injecting a finishing touch to the leisurely mobile experience.

Face recognition had been long introduced with mobile devices and the integration of this feature with emojis, images and videos are going to make things even more interesting.


#7 Animations

Among the so many perquisites to mobile app designs, animations are one of the most important. An app which does not possess an animated UI would be certainly dominated by the one which has it.

Without animations, the apps will seem to be flat and uninteresting. It helps in improving the overall user experience by adding up an interesting element to it. Micro-interactions used in mobile app UI interfaces are some of the best examples of this.

This allows users to interact with apps in an easier and quick manner. Animations are going to be in trends for the coming few more years and maybe further.

Mobile trends tend to keep changing with varying user preferences and latest technologies. However, when talking about the current year, the above-mentioned trends would be performing really well. Mobile UIs change rapidly.

However, the ones mentioned above are likely to remain static for at least a few years. Moreover, they can be given greater recognition into the UI designs this year. These are surely the most popular and effective UI trends 2018 that you can move forward with.