How to get more traffic by blogging less?

You have a blog and you have already written a ton of contents, but no one is reading it! What should you do now? Blinks? Write more contents? The answer is No! You don’t have to do any of these. So, in Today’s section, I’ll discuss how to get more traffic by writing less content or link building.

More traffic

You are frustrated with less traffic rate? Even after writing quality blogs or content, your content is not getting that efficient traffic? Then resolve all your queries in three simple and easy tricks.

  • First thing is you need to adjust your title tags. You’ll notice when you will get into Google search console, it will show pages with the most amount of impression or you can say the most amount of influence and the least amount of clicks.

Look for the post that has 5 percent of click-through rate. Once you’ll figure out that which content has less than 5 percent of click-through rate, look for all the keywords. And when you click on that link, it will show you in Google search console, what keywords you’re getting traffic for. Also, look for the keywords that are ranking descent position for and add these keywords in your title tag and meta description.

In this manner, you will be getting more clicks. For example, even if you are at no 6th or 7th or 10th in the position. But because of the more clickings, Google will see that you’re getting more clicks instead of lower in the rankings. then it will push you up, as they want relevant data to give to the end user.

This will result in an improvement in your rankings, not within a week or so but it will take a time period of approx. 3 months.

If you do the same process for all your top pages, it will quickly get you more search traffic from all your blog post.

  • A second thing you must do is that, on a regular basis, share your blog or article. You can do this by using Open Graph Protocol, which is used to integrate any web page into a social graph. Also, you can change your meta description just for social media just as in Yoast, SEO Plugin.

By doing this what results is that every now and then you may try changing titles of your posts and still making it appropriate, relevant, and compatible and resharing it on, for example, Twitter, Facebook.

more traffic
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Also, it’s not necessary that your blogs or articles are seen by everyone. Right? Or maybe 5 or 10 percent of the total audience is probably seeing it. So on a make it a habit to share your things on social media platform over and over again, particularly when your blog/article is wonderful.

By doing one this action, people are going to see more and more of your page. And Google will notice that one of your particular blog or all your shared blogs are getting an amazing response, people are getting back to this, maybe we should rank this blog higher.

  • The third tactic you must apply for driving more traffic to your blog post is “Content Repurposing”.

In this, you don’t have to write more blog posts but you can end up writing your content including videos on the same type of content you’ve written and released it on Youtube or Facebook.

  • The fourth thing is you can send emails.

For example in this below image you’ll understand:

increase traffic by sending emails

Remember not to mail in excess but in quality. If you don’t know how to collect emails, use a free tool, called “Hellobar” as You can collect emails from your website and then every time you have a blog post, notify every single list members as in, Hey, my new blog post is out.

Make sure not to write just a simple email, like hey this my new blog and blah blah but a proper formal mail as mentioned above in the image.

  • The fifth tip is to use Subscribers is a push notification offer. It has no premium plans and just totally free! What does it do basically, is that whoever is coming to your website through a browser like Google, Firefox, Safari. It allows them to subscribe to your blog using browser notification.

Then whenever you release a blog post, the audiences will get a notification through that browser and they gonna click on it and they will go back to your website.

  • The Sixth trick is, use Buzzsumo. Using Buzzsumo, you can type keywords related to your article, see what other relevant articles are out there that are same, click the Share View button, and you can see all the people who shared the same content. Then you can email them; You have to do some Google searches to find your email.

The seventh tip for you is to work on headlines. The most common thinking amongst the bloggers or content writers is that the longest and the best blog post gets the most traffic. And that is true also. Good content helps you get more traffic. But an interesting thing is that; 8 out of 10 people will only read your headline, but only of 2 out of 10 will click and read the rest of your article or blog.

If you spend more time making catchy headlines, you’ll get more traffic. 

If you want more traffic to come your way then don’t just spend more time blogging. Instead, indulge more time on marketing than blogging. That doesn’t mean you can write average content, that means the content you write has to be amazing. But you should spend even more time than whatever you did writing it, promoting the article.

By doing these things, you opt for an extra effort. Also, it ends up getting more views. You will be getting more and more positives and output from each and every article.

Whenever you share your content, share it on LinkedIn. By sharing on this on the global platform, maybe people not back to your site but that content will grab more attention. People will be like oh that article is written by Jagriti, This is fantastic! They would probably not go to your site but may leave comments on LinkedIn, so you can respond to them, interact with them, build that connection and you can even then generate business.

So, follow these simple and easy strategies and you’ll build more traffic to your blog post without building any more links or writing more content!

Hope you like this section of accessing more traffic by bloggin less!

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