UI Vs UX: Is One Preferable Over The Other?

Designers worldwide had been playing with various features and functionalities of UI/UX in order to bring up the best user interfaces. But the success stories are known to be hidden in their difference and making up the best of them.


On one hand, where both the elements had been able to create some of the most beautiful interfaces, UI Vs UX still prevails as a discussion among creative web designers.

Hence in this content, we would consider the core differences between UX and UI, their working together and also which one would be the most preferable.

What Is UI?

What Is UI
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UI or User Interface comprises the various buttons, controls, blocks and other elements of an application. These are the visual characteristics of an application that brings in its unique feel and make up a considerable existence of the product.

Developing a UI involves many tasks including color selection, defining corporate identity and following the latest principles for designing.

One of the major objectives of developers while working with UI is to enhance the appearance of the application or website and creating its extraordinary character.

An interface is always the first thing that would grab the attention and interest of the user. If UI of a website is set appropriately the users are likely to stay with it for longer else they may leave immediately.

What is UX?

UX concepts
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UX refers to User Experience which is generally a person’s interaction with an application, website, product or the operating system. UX designing is, therefore, designing the way an application would actually operate.

A proper UX is known to be the one that successfully meets the user requirements. UX should be undeniably clear, user- friendly and comfortable.

Even if a UX is not specifically noticed during the use of a website or application, the perfect one is generally deliberate, elaborate

How is a UX important?

A good UX is known to simplify website navigation even for the first time visitors. In case, the users are unable to find the actual way to sign up, getting to their shopping carts, restoring or changing their passwords and accounts then this is considered to be a UX drawback.

You need to apply and know the various UX concepts well in order to be smoothly guided through the working of a website or application.

Can UI work without UX?

UI UX design companies
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There had been numerous heated discussions over UI and UX being divergent and interrelated terms and concepts. While some consider them to be dramatically different and incomparable, there are others who believe that they complement each other being inseparable.

Certainly, User Interface is one of the most considerable parts of User Experience. UI being the major and basic element of UX they would always go hand-in-hand. And that is probably the reason why they are always written together as UI/UX.

An undeniable fact is that UI and UX are though different considerations, they are also interlinked at the same time. Even the greatest UIs would be ineffective if they lack the support of an excellent UX.

There is no point of an interface designed with high-resolution images, gradients, and texture if necessary pages, functionalities, and features are missing.

There had been many UI UX design companies that have set great examples of the compatible working of both these elements.

UI Vs UX: Is UI Preferable over UX?

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Many developers had been giving a thought to switching from UX to UI for better results and feedbacks. Well, will this be appropriate? If yes, then until when? Are there are any limitations to this decision? Have a look at these points.

1. Soft Skills Vs Technical Skills

The only constant in the technology industry is change.   
- Marc Benioff

Any dedicated UI designer needs to stay updated with the latest software and tools available. For example, consider the new prototyping feature by Sketch and the considerably anticipated InVision Studio.

New tools and software keep making their emergence and UI designers, therefore, require to re-skill themselves constantly.

UX skills, on the other hand, can successfully endure the test of time. The soft skills that had been sharpened through researches and stakeholder collaborations tend to remain productive for future jobs too.

An article by World Economic Forum states “emotional intelligence, adaptability, and a willingness to learn” as the golden skills. Also, as per the article, about 5 million jobs are supposed to get lost due to the emergence of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence in the scene.


Certainly, on one hand where UI allows developing the required soft skills, UX concepts pertain to the capability of training developers more holistically.

2. User Requirements Vs Aesthetics

user interface design principles
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Every new element that had been invented or brought up is the result of some considerable necessity, as stated in the popular proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

It would always be great to present a helpful solution that is both qualitative and quantitative in terms of meeting the needs of the users; rather than focusing on what colors or fonts would be appreciated by the large population.

3. UX Practices Require More Resources

Researches being less tangible, convincing clients to indulge in them turns to be a difficult task. Also, just to know the user preferences you will need various additional resources including money, one-time meal (at least) for the entire process.

On the other hand, a UI just requires the latest version of the software. Practicing UI is far easier than UX.

4. Better Career Progression

UX concepts
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Whether you consider a large multinational company or a fresh new startup, all of them are looking in to hire a UX designer. UX is, therefore, the entire buzz in town. Due to more opportunities, most of the developers are looking forward to switching to UX.

Rather than considering a cubical work pattern like the user interface design principles, UX requires communication and collaboration with various stakeholders, moving beyond the comfort desks.

Teaming with stakeholders is an important part of getting the goals achieved and makes you noticeable in the company. Hence UX is a more appreciable pick than UI for people seeking better career paths.

5. UX is not just about digital outcome

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Unlike UI designs User Experience is not limited to just digital products. UX can also be extended to processes, services, spaces, or even greater scope of work for the developers.

UI designers are also not required for voice-enabled devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo. Nevertheless, UI and UX would always have to work together when a digital product is considered.

At the end of the day, successful applications and web creations prevail as the results of perfect collaborations of both UI and UX. Without UX an application could be rich in aesthetics yet unusable.

And the lack of UI would leave a great idea of theory with confusing navigations making it unsuitable. The only conclusion of the discussion for UI Vs UX would be an excellent collaboration.