10 Excellent Utilities For Windows 10 to Optimize Your Experience

utilities for windows 10

Are you striving for a perfect experience with your Windows 10 operating system? Well, this is it. We would here discuss some of the best utilities for Windows 10.

There had been many Windows versions with different abilities and some of the best features allowing you to handle desktop operations and various other tasks with utmost perfection. However, there still prevail in certain factors and features which may not be utilized or unavailable with the original OS.

Moreover, tools and utilities that are available in plenty these days let you experience something more perfect and explicit than the performance of the built-in OS functions. Well, realizing or finding what is the best is another important task for you. Hence, this is all going to be about the best windows utilities and tools that may help you.

Best Utilities For Windows 10

Here are some of the excellent software tools that you may utilize to optimize the performance of your Windows 10 operating system.

#1 CCleaner

windows utilities and tools
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CCleaner scans for various temporary and other files, logs, and cache that Windows had accumulated over time and are not necessary for its operations.

This tool is the best to potentially recover a significant space on the computer by deleting unwanted files and cache that were acquiring memory space for so long.

CCleaner is also perfect for deleting away browser history, passwords and usernames, cookies, cache and other temporary files associated with the web browser that had been downloaded on the system.

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#2 Everything

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Searching for specific files over your computer from the long list of files that already exist is a hectic task, isn’t it? Well, “Everything” becomes a perfect solution allowing you to search for files or stuff very quickly.

As soon as you start typing the file name in the search box, the most appropriate results with respect to the same, start narrowing down. The more letters you search, shorter would be the list of results. The tool browses through the storage and folders to fetch out the required files.

This is indeed the most needed Windows tool when you have to deal with data and files in bulk. There could hardly be anything more time saving than this.

#3 KeyFinder

Windows tool
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In case you are needed to format the main drive further requiring reinstalling a licensed application or you want to uninstall a licensed application from the current system and install it on the other computer and unable to find the license key, this is the solution.

Running KeyFinder would let you access the license key for the application. The application browses the entire computer for licensed applications and prepares a list of them.

As you click over the names of the application, the KeyFinder opens up the license key for you which can also be saved in document format. There are over 300 licensed applications for which the tool can easily fish out the keys.

#4 LockHunter and Unlocker

utilities for Windows 10
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You may at times encounter a folder or file in Windows that is locked and you are unable to perform any actions with respect to it. Neither you can move, delete rename or manage it in any other ways.

Both LockHunter and Unblocker are best at fixing issues that may have occurred as the reasons for not being able to unlock the files. Using the tool you may easily unlock a file and then manage it as per requirements, manipulate or even delete it.

#5 Partition Wizard

utilities for Windows 10
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Partition Wizard lets you manage the partitions of the main storage drive, secondary drive or any other external drives that are connected to your computer. You may choose to merge, copy, delete, split or even resize partitions.

There are also many additional features using which you can copy contents from one drive to another, Move the Windows installation on your computer to the other drive, and also recover damaged or deleted partitions.

#6 Recuva

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Have you ever strived to recover a file that has been deleted and is also not present in the recycle bin? Well, this is the best shot for a target like this. Recuva scans the storage drive where the file was located before being deleted and presents a list of files that had been deleted.

Each of these file names are represented with a color that indicates the probability of it being restored. This search and recovery tool is one of the best utilities for Windows 10 when you are subsequently in need of files that had been deleted due to various reasons.

#7 Sandboxie

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Sandboxie helps in creating a layer between Windows and applications. It creates a sandbox within which an application can run.

In case the application is running a malware or there are some malicious files downloaded by the browser, it remains confined within the sandbox without having any effects on any other areas or files.

Thus, this keeps the code from messing with any other applications on Windows.

#8 Seer

utilities for Windows 10
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Seer allows the Windows users to use a feature named QuickLook which is available on MacOS. To select a file, click on it. Now press the spacebar and Seer will present its preview before you. If it’s a picture then the image would be floating over the Windows desktop.

In case of an RTF, PDF or Text File, a simple viewer app will open it up. You can peek into a compressed archive having a view at all the files stored within. Seer can also play various audio and video files. To let Seer preview more file types, you may also add up some plug-ins to Seer.

#9 Speccy

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When you load Speecy it will audit your computer hardware and summarize computer technology including categories like motherboard, CPU, RAM, and storage.

As you click the categories you’d find a lot more details about the same. This is a perfect windows tool when you need to know about all the nitty-gritty of your computer.

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#10 Wi-Fi Password Revealer

utilities for Windows 10
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You will have to dig through your system’s OS and network settings, following numerous convoluted processes in order to get the saved Wi-Fi password. This task would, however, get easier with the Wi-Fi Password Revealer.

It will not only tell you the passwords for various Wi-Fi networks you’ve logged on to, but also the encryption and security authentication methods for each network.

You may surely get on to these utilities for Windows 10 to attain the best experiences ever.